Saturday, August 8, 2009

Longsword Class Drills & Games

Baton Striking with Edge Control Game (from Ochs: Longsword DVD)
One partner wears a mask and protective gloves.  He grips a baton in both hands so that there is at least 8” of space between them.  As he circles and moves, he will present the baton in front, or beside himself representing target openings.  The other partner strikes the baton with an appropriate strike, cut, or Master Strike.  Careful attention should be paid to range, staying in an appropriate guard, striking power, and edge placement.

Vier Leger Drill
Right Vom Tag -- Left Phlug -- Right Ochs -- Left Alber -- Right Langort -- pivot -- Left Vom Tag -- Right Phlug -- Left Ochs -- Right Alber -- Left Langort - pivot

Zwischen Leger Drill
Vom Tag - Kumphau -> Schrankhut - Unterhau -> Ochs - Zwerchau -> Phlug - Stich -> Kron - Oberhau -> Nebenhut - Zornhau -> Alber - short edge Unterhau -> pivot (Repeat on opposite side)

F├╝hlen Drill (from Fighting with the German Longsword)
Partners agree to a strike and counter-strike technique (I.e. Zornhau v. oberhau from the right).  The attacking partner then varies the degree to which he is “at the sword,” and the responding partner must use an appropriate technique based on the attacker’s level of commitment.  You will want to pre-plan the level of commitment the attacker will use at first.  Start slowly and carefully as this skill takes a lot of time and practice.

Guard Breaking Drill (from Ochs: Longsword DVD)
One partner adopts each of the Primary Guard positions, and the other partner responds with the appropriate Master Strike.  Partners alternate this role for each stroke.

Master Strikes Drills
Step through each Master Strike from right & left sides using ALL guard positions

Push Me, Pull You (from Schola St. George)
Each partner grips a sword handle in his right hand.  He then grips his partner’s sword blade about 8” from the tip in his left hand.  The players are now connected by two swords.  The goal is to push and pull on one, or both of the swords in an attempt to get the other player off balance.  This game may be played with stationary feet, or with both partners moving and circling.

Roman Focus Game
Using good hand protection, partners attempt to slap each other’s hands with the boffer dagger.  Only the hands are valid targets.  Both hands must stay in front of your body at all times.  Free advice: keep moving!

Striking Pattern Drill (from Ochs: Longsword DVD)
First set starts in Right Vom tag: UpR, LowL, LowR, UpL
Second set starts in Right Nebenhut: LowR, UpL, UpR, LowL
Third set starts in Left Vom tag: UpL, LowR, LowL, Upr
Fourth set starts in Left Nebenhut: LowL, UpR, UpL, LowR

Thrust Targeting Game (from Ochs: Longsword DVD)
This game is just like the Baton Striking game, but uses thrusting target as the focus.

Winden Drill: Clockwise & Counter-Clockwise (from Ochs: Longsword DVD)
Work large circles moving through the eight windings clockwise and counter-clockwise.  Keep pressure on the blades, and maneuver toward a position from which a good thrust could be executed.

Winden Game
Using boffer swords, masks and gloves, partners attempt to wind against each other in order to execute a thrust from the bind.  The swords should remain in a bind at all times, and players may not step out of range at any time.

Kali Drills
Down & Back

Heaven’s Six